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Hampton University Chapel Clock TowerHampton University 88th Ministers' Conference & 68th Annual Choir Directors' & Organists' Guild Workshop

Welcome to the home page for the upcoming 2002 Hampton University Ministers' Conference and Choir Directors'/ Organists' Guild Workshop. This conference will take place on the campus of Hampton University From June 2-7, 2002.


Conference Theme:  “The Proclamation Of Liberation”

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Scheduled Speakers & Preachers

Registration Information

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Scheduled Speakers & Preachers

Conference Preacher:
Bishop T.D. Jakes
Dallas, TX

Self Liberation
Bishop Noel Jones
Los Angeles, CA
Sociology Of Religion
Dr. Carolyn Showell
Ellicott City, MD

Pastoral Theology
Dr. H. Beecher Hicks, Jr.
Washington, D.C.

Morning Worship Leader
Rev. Maurice Watson
Omaha, NE

Communion Preacher
Dr. Charles E. Booth
Columbus, OH



A.C.D. Vaughn Senior Statesman Hour
June 4, 2002

G.A. Crawley Women In Ministry/Partnership Panel
June 5, 2002

Dr. A.C.D. Vaughn
Baltimore, MD

Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook
Bronx, NY


Dr. Samuel McKinney
Seattle, WA


Bishop Andrew Turner
Inglewood, CA
Partnership Panelist


Dr. Benjamin W. Robertson
Richmond, VA


Rev. Wanda Turner
Inglewood, CA
Partnership Panelist

Dr. Clarence Newsome
Washington, D.C.












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2002 Conference & Guild Officers

Ministers' Conference Officers

Choir Guild Officers

Dr. Walter S. Thomas - President
Rev. Reuben E. Williams - Vice President
Dr. V. Simpson Turner, Sr - Secretary
Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook, Asst Secretary
Dr. William H. Curtis, Necrologist
Rev. Timothy Tee Boddie - Exec Sec'y/Treasurer
Fr Thomas S. Logan, President Emeritus
Dr. Michael A. Battle, Sr., Exec Sec'y Emeritus

Mr. Floyd Lynch, President
Ms. Constance P. Dorsey, Vice President
Mr. Charles T. Ford, Secretary
Ms. Darlene Davis, Asst Secretary
Mr. Charles L. Davis, Treasurer
Mr. Rudy F. Yuille, Sr., Necrologist
Ms. Mary Jones, Publicity Chairperson

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