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Hampton University Chapel Clock TowerHampton University 85th Ministers' Conference & 65th Annual Choir Directors' & Organists' Guild Workshop

Welcome to the home page for the upcoming 1999 Hampton University Ministers' Conference and Choir Directors'/ Organists' Guild Workshop. This conference will take place on the campus of Hampton University From June 6-11, 1999.


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Scheduled Speakers & Preachers

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1999 Conference & Guild Officers

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Scheduled Speakers & Preachers

Conf eren ce Prea cher

Dr. Ralph West
RalphWest.gif (35250 bytes)

Broo kholl ow Bapti st Chur ch
Hous ton, TX

Mor ning Wor ship Lea der

Rev. Claude Alexander

Univ ersit y Park  Bapti st Chur ch
Charl otte, NC

Bibli cal Her men euti cs

Dr. Charles Booth
Dr. Charles Booth

Mt. Olive t Bapti st Chur ch,
Colu mbus , OH

The olog y

Dr. Kortright Davis

Profe ssor of  Syst emat ic Theo logy
Scho ol Of Divini ty
How ard Univ ersit y
Was hingt on, DC

Psy chol ogy Of Reli gion

Dr. Carolyn Showell
CarolynShowell.jpg (8581 bytes)

Balti more , MD

Geo rge W. Cra wle y Wo men In The Mini stry

Dr. Audrey Bronson
Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Patricia Gould-Champ
Richmond, VA

Dr. Leah White
Baltimore, MD

A.C. D. Vau ghn Sr. Stat esp erso n's Pan el

Dr. Charles Green
Arlington, VA
CharlesGreen.jpg (9022 bytes)

Dr. Fred J. Boddie, Jr.
Newport News, VA

Dr. Arlee Griffin
Brooklyn, NY

Rev. Joe B. Fleming
Portsmouth, VA

Son g Lea der

Rev. Solomon Roberts
Rev. Solomon Roberts

Past or,
Faith Tabe rnacl e Bapti st Chur ch
Jama ica, NY

Mor ning Pray er Lea der

Dr. Ernestine C. Reems
Dr. Ernestine C. Reems

Cent er of Hope Com muni ty Chur ch
Oakl and, CA

Choi r Dire ctor

Mr. Roland Carter

Profe ssor, Dept of Musi c
Univ ersit y Of Tenn esse e at Chat tano oga
Chat tano oga, TN

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1999 Conference & Guild Officers

Ministers' Conference Officers

Choir Guild Officers

Dr. Walter S. Thomas - President
Rev. Reuben E. Williams - Vice President
Dr. V. Simpson Turner, Sr - Secretary
Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook, Asst Secretary
Dr. William H. Curtis, Necrologist
Rev. Timothy Tee Boddie - Exec Sec'y/Treasurer
Dr. M. Ivory Jefferson, Liturgist
Dr. J.W. Johnson, Asst. Liturgist
Dr. Michael A. Battle, Sr., Exec Sec'y Emeritus

Mr. Floyd Lynch, President
Ms. Constance P. Dorsey, Vice President
Mr. Charles T. Ford, Secretary
Ms. Darlene Davis, Asst President
Mr. Charles L. Davis, Treasurer
Mr. Rudy F. Yuille, Sr., Necrologist
Ms. Mary Jones, Publicity Chairperson

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